Posted by 99 RANCH MARKET on 03/26/2018.

About 312 days ago, we celebrated the beloved holiday, Mother’s Day, in 2017. Now, take a brief moment and think “what was your favorite family memory in the past 312 days or beyond?”


Maybe you will recall a family trip to your favorite theme park one weekend;

Or maybe it was the Lunar New Year Eve your family spent at Grandma’s house;

Or maybe you are just thinking about those small things,

like walking the dog or cleaning the house together!

Whatever it is, it must be so sweet and heartwarming~


Since we will be 44 days away from 2018’s Mother’s Day, we would like to invite you to join our journey by express our love for the family by picking up a colored pencil or a paint brush to draw down your favorite family memory!


99 Ranch Market’s beloved Mother’s Day annual event - Kid’s Drawing Contest is set to run between Mar. 30th, 2018 to Apr. 28th, 2018. This year’s theme is My Favorite Family Memory. No purchase necessary to enter for a chance to win. Participants must be between ages 4 to 12. Please visit any of the 18 Southern California, 6 Texas, and 2 Nevada 99 Ranch Market stores to obtain the drawing paper and entry form. Please note that all drawings must be submitted to store in person with the entry form attached to the back side’s lower right corner before April 28th.  Upon submission, 99 Ranch Market provides the entrant a special souvenir, so submit soon before supplies vanish! We will announce the winners on or before May 11th, and the final ceremony will be hosted on Saturday, May 12th at TBD.


Detailed schedule and rules of the contest can be viewed online or in store. For more information, please feel free to contact our customer service hotline: 1-800-600-8292 or email customerservice@tawa.com   

Posted by 99 RANCH MARKET on 03/26/2018.

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